Sunday, July 24, 2011

Graduation Galore.

I've had such an enjoyable weekend, I've been surrounded by my great friends and to top it of the weather was glorious today. Many of my friends have now graduated, so I've got grad parties coming out of my ears. This weekend I had 3!
I'd been wearing my hair in 2 strand twists since Wednesday and took the down on friday. I'd plan to wear a twist out fro but that didn't go as planned so I just gelled the sides and had a puff in the front.
Side view

Finished look.

The recent graduate Dami, partying away.

For the next two grad parties I chose to wear my hair in my trusted updo which I learnt from my favourity youtuber whom I recently met MsVaughn.

I also added a scarf to mix things up a bit.

The cakes this weekend were delicious!

I made Dami a cake too, shes yet to tell me how it tasted. lol

If any of you recently graduated, congrats too.

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