Sunday, July 17, 2011

Home Made Deep Conditioner: Avocado, Honey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

I've been wanting to try this home made deep conditioner mix for a while. I've read alot of good reviews on avocado oil and I know from experience how good it is for your skin. When I found this reciepe here I knew I just had to try it.
My ingredients

I used 1 avocado as instructed by the reciepe, followed by 2tablespoons of EVOO and 3tablespoons of honey. I wanted the mixture to have sweet scent so thats why I added more honey.
I then washed my hair and applied the mix to my hair, working it through the hair and onto my scalp. Once I had used all the mix I wrapped my hair using cling film (plastic wrap) and placed a cap over the top and left for two hours
After 2 hours I washed it out and twisted my hair using my shea butter and coconut oil mix.
When I took down my twists the next day my hair felt sooooooooooooooooooooooo soft, I was in awe. My hair was soft, bouncy and shiny. I did notice the softness before I twisted my hair, but once I had applied my shea butter and coconut oil mix my hair went into softness overload! I loved it. I suffered quite a bit of shrinkage as I always do on my first day of my twist outs. I couldn't get over how bouncy and shiny my hair was. I wore my hair in a middle parting, simple and easy.
If you plan on trying this mix yourself I would suggest that you spend quite a bit of time washing out the mixture as the avacado does like to stick to your hair. I cant wait to try this again in a few weeks.
Finished look.

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