Thursday, July 14, 2011

Product Review: Giovanni Conditioner

Since I began my hair regime in January, I've been on the look out for a good conditioner. I had read alot of positive reviews about Giovanni-an eco friendly conditioner and I was even more pleased when I found out that I could purchase it once I returned home to London. I purchased Giovanni's Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Conditioner from Walmart for $9 including tax.

I applied the conditioner to wet hair and proceeded to massage into the scalp. There was a slight smell to the conditioner but nothing that made me ooo or aahhh. The consistency was average, it wasnt very soft and that reflected in how soft my hair felt afterwards. I felt that I had to use quite abit to lather up my hair and to make the detangling process easier.
The conditioner did not really appeal to me for reasons stated above. For those of us in the UK we can purchase Giovanni products of Amazon for approx £11 including shipping. The price is ok, but not I am not inlove with the product so I will not be purchasing it again.
My overall review of this product is a 6/10.

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