Monday, August 8, 2011

Product Review : Rainforest Moisture Conditioner by The Body Shop

I recently got introduced to The Body Shop's hair care range. I've been on the look out for a good conditioner and I thought I would try this one.

I applied the conditioner to wet hair and massaged into my scalp. It had a smooth consistency and my hair seemed to take to it well. The smell was sweet but not too over powering. I had to use quite a bit of conditioner to lather up my hair and the detangling process was really easy. The price was really great £4 for 250ml bottle and I got a free bottle of hair pomade. I was attracted to this conditioner because it doesnt contain any silicones, colourants or parabens ingredients that can dry out your hair. I thought I would love it more than I actually did, but it was just very average. I am going to continue using this product until its finished. My overall review of this product is 6.5/10
P.S. I'm still on the look out for a good conditioner.

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