Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Unsupportive loved ones

I went to a family gathering at the weekend and my aunt blurted out, "Michelle, what have you done with your hair? You look like a crazy woman!" (By the way, I was wearing my go 2 style, nothing too crazy in my opinion) I would be lying if I said that the comment didnt wound me because it did. I have never faced any negative criticism about my hair and I was really mad at her and her comment. This post isnt to bash my aunt or insult her, rather its a learning curve for me and maybe you on mine (maybe your) natural journey. Not everyone is going to accept or support your decision to go natural, you may face rude comments, stares and looks but if your happy with it and your confident in yourself, bypass and ignore those comments and stares. One of my really good friends said "Never sacrifice who you are because someone else has a problem with it", or don't sacrifice your kurls, koils and kinks because someone else doesnt like it. If you like it, then keep wearing and enjoying your kurls koils and kinks!


  1. You poor cow. My mother is just as bad, she keeps on telling me my hair looks "unprofessional" and I should go to the hairdressers to get it done. I find it really offensive as I think your family should support you but that is her nature.

    I went natural to free myself from the tyranny of hairdressers not because I was against relaxers and it is only since this January that I have learnt how to look after my hair with the help of YouTube and hair websites.

    I am too scared to wear my hair out much and always go for safe afro puffs, my problem is that I can never style my hair like those YouTube girls and I want to look perfect.

    I'm still sticking to being natural, I love the freedom I have with an afro and I now love washing my hair, I'd wash it more often but when I think how much money I spend on products for my hair it helps me to stop myself from washing them out.

    Keep up the blog, G.

  2. Thanks for your comment G. I know what you mean about wanting to make your hair look perfect, I have all these styles in my head and they never turn out how I want them too. But I still love my natural hair even when it's disobedient. lol.♥

  3. Girl, don't even sweat it. My mother HATES my hair. And now when she visits me (cause i live 300 miles away) I make sure my hair is in a hat the entire time because I just tired of the constant negativity. Last time but one she asked to see my hair and I told her point blank no. I said to her why would she want to see something that she hates so much? I think she was floored and thought I was joking. She tried to grab the hat off my head and I ducked. I told again no and she was offended. I said to her how can she be offended if all she has ever told me is how she hates my hair and how I should take it out. Why the sudden interest? She left it for the rest of the weekend.

    This time around, she asked again and I refused. She then tried to act like she was the victim but I told her unless your view of my natural hair has changed forget seeing it. I love you but I don't need you bashing my hair because you think it should be a certain way. It's been an interesting ride I tell you!

    People will always have opinions about natural hair. But don't be discouraged. A lot, and i mean a lot are secretly jealous that they don't have your confidence and knowledge to wear the hair that God has given them.

    Your blog is lovely!

  4. This comment was truly an inspirational comment and well done for your courage. Holding your ground amongst negative comments is never the easiest of tasks especially amongst those who you hold closest to you. It makes me happy to know that I am not the only one who is bashed for my hair by my loved ones. I think from now on, I'm not gonna sweat it, just "brush the dirt of my shoulder" lol.♥


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