Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hair update

I would have had my hair in for 7 weeks on Thursday and it feels like a lifetime.  I was hoping to keep my hair in for 8 weeks but I am not sure if I can hold out that long.  My hair is looking frazzelled and old and I am no longer enjoying it and I MISS MY HAIR :(.
My own hair is seeping through the braids and my parting is fading.

 Excuse the peppercorns.

 The coconut oil + tea tree oil has worked really really well. I havent had the dry scalp feeling and my hair has felt really mositurized this whole period. The combination is recommended if you suffer from dry scalp.
Annnnd I forgot to mention earlier that I was featured on the lovely Abbysworld and the 4aces blog this week. yaaaaay. Check the posts here and here

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