Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shea butter

I was at home over the weekend and I was greeted by a MASSIVE shipment of shea butter from Ghana.  My mum had been in Ghana for quite a few months and one of the many things I asked her to bring me was shea butter.  I am sure you have all heard about shea butter THE GREAT MOISTURIZER! But it really does work wonders moisturizing your hair and making it feel so soft.
You can by unrefined shea butter in most black hair shops and its relatively cheap. £4 max!

In addition to using shea butter on your hair you can also use it on your skin.  From my own personal experience, I use it on my feet during the summer when I am wearing slippers alot and I am prone to get cracks in my feet.  It moisturizes my feet really well and they feel so soft.
I dont use too much as it doesn't smell that great, but it does the job.


  1. Omgahhh i love shea butter. i just got back from nigeria and brought a sh*tload no more winter ash for me. mixing it with cocnut oil is the only thing saving my hair right now
    anyway great post

  2. Thanks, yeah I have that mix too it works like a charm. Have you tried adding a lil bit of honey to that mix to max ur hair feel extra soft?♥


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