Friday, October 7, 2011

Washing Your Hair

Before I started my improved natural hair regime I had watched hours of youtube videos and all my favourite gurus were co-washing their hair at least twice a week. As I was new to the natural world I was following their regime and co washing my hair twice a week. It wasnt until my mum pointed out that it may not be a good idea that I stopped. My mums advice was an eye opener as I learnt that no 2 natural hair regimes are ever the same. What works for me may not work for you its just a case of trial and error and getting to know you hair.
A while back I came across an article about how often different hair types should wash their hair.

Thick Hair or Tight Curly and Kinks

You Should Wash Infrequently: Less is More.
Shampooing can be the last thing on your mind, since you only need to wash your hair about once a week (and sometimes less)! Your hair doesn’t feel dirty easily, so you don’t need to cleanse it until it feels dirty. Daily washing is a bad idea because your hair would be way too dry.
Thick, curly hair

If you have thick, curly hair wash your hair infrequently.

You have the luxury of waiting a number of days until you feel like it needs washing again. To refresh in between washes, try a dry shampoo or conditioner. Co-washing is a great option for those with thick, coarse hair.
Medium Curls, Kinks and Waves

You Should Wash Your Hair In Moderation.
You can afford to shampoo every few days. If you skip a day, no need to worry because your curls will look great with a little refreshing! Curls look great and the texture will work well with a small amount of oil in your hair. Low shampoos or a shampoo bar is great for you. Make sure to pineapple to help you achieve better second day hair. If you work out a lot, you may need to co-wash in between shampoos. You can also water wash between co-washes. Water washing means that you massage your scalp using just water, no shampoo, cleanser or conditioner. Some people do this in between their co-washes/shampoos.

Fine Curls and Waves

You have a fine hair texture; by the evening your hair seems oily and you use styling products daily.
You Should Cleanse Your Hair Daily!
Your curly locks will look their best if you shampoo every day. Your wave or fine hair will sparkle with daily washed hair. It’s not your style to have oily texture, so it’s best to keep it clean. To avoid drying out your locks, make sure to moisturize with a good conditioner!


I have thick hair with tight curls and kinks so I wash my hair infrequently.
Hope this helped.

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