Saturday, December 3, 2011

A dude's thoughts

Apologies, for the unintended blogging sabbatical.  I usually get really ratty when bloggers don't update frequently and I now know why....LIFE! It does get in the way. Anyway, one of my really good friends (Raff) came over for breakfast and we got chatting on the hot topic of natual hair and what he thinks about it.
Check out the interview below.

Michelle: What do you think about natural hair?
Raff: First of all I think I speak for myself and most guys we don't actually notice a womans hair at first. We don't think WOW, look at her hair.  Now I don't want to sound so crude, but, we look at other things first and then hair comes in at a distant second, third, fourth or fifth.  We do appreciate a girl that looks after her hair especially if you can see that she has taken the time to make sure that it looks presentable and it stands out.

Michelle: Are you more attracted to a woman with natural hair?
Raff: Well I dont actually know that many women with the natural hair that you have described, but what I will say about the women who I do know is that these women are very strong and opinionated.  They have veered away from the sterotypical norm for a reason and they have alot to express. I am not sure if I am generalizing but they do tend to make you think outside of the box and you can tell alot by a womans hair.

Michelle: What can you tell about a womans hair?
Raff: Hair for me almost equals personality. Women with natural hair are willing to take a step in another direction,  they are taking another route, they are taking their hair back to what it use to be without all of these asthetic additions all the gels, the weaves, the pieces etc. They are keeping it basic, keeping it simple.

Michelle: So do you think natural hair is the way forward?
Raff: I'm not saying that it's the way forward but what works for one person may not work for another. You kinda have to know yourself and have a certain level of confidence and know yourself in order to pull it off well. Somone with this natural hair that your talking about who doesnt have the personality to match it doesnt quite work.  

Michelle: Alot of people have said that a woman hair is her crown? Do you agree with these opinions?
Raff: Yes I do agree because it does back to your personality.  Its another way women can express themselves.

Michelle: But can't you express yourself using makeup?
Raff: You can but, you know when they say everyones personality is different, everyone hair is different.

Michelle: Not when you all wearing the same Remi/ Malaysian hair?
Raff: No, because you can style it differently.  Hair is like a fingerprint there are no 2 girls with same hair. Although, you both may have the same stylist how they model it to you with the structure of your head it so different.  Your hair has to reflect your personality and who you think you are.  You can try and restyle your hair but your core principles are still there.

I truly enjoyed this interview, it was so honest and heartfelt and really sincere.  I hope you liked it too.


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