Sunday, December 18, 2011


Naturally, coily, curly, thick hair can shrink up to a 80% of its actual hair length when it comes into contact with water. This scary statisitc can be a huge problem if you are unaware of how to combat this problem heatless.  This was definitely my problem a not too long ago I hated my shrinkage after washing my hair it was so irritating, but now that I am a bit more educated it doesnt bother me at all. Most of the time I will always stretch out my hair straighter after a wash, either 2 strand twisting it, plaiting, flat twisting, threading etc. Check out a few pics of my shrinkage!

To combat my shrinkage, I banktu-knotted my hair. Bantu knots are similar to china bumps where you just 2 strand twist your hair and then twist your twists around it other. That sounds a bit confusing here are some pics.
 Finished look.
 2 strand twisting my hair
 Wrapping the hair around itself
Wrapping the hair around itself.

This is cool protective style that keeps all your ends nicely hidden.  I have to say that I did go out to uni with my hair like this and I got some "interesting" looks lol. I 'm not sure if I will go out like this again. lol

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