Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Hair History

More often than not when I've got deadlines pulling me left, right and centre I get a sudden rush of ideas to blog about. Today is one of those days and I am welcoming it. January 9th 2012 was my 1 year healthy hair journey anniversary. I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but I have been natural for about 6ish years but due to poor maintenance and lack of knowledge my hair length was marginal. So last year I chopped it off until I had about 4inches of hair and began my new healthy hair journey. Prior to that I was a weave fiend. I was addicted to weaves because I was clueless on what to do with my natural hair and I lacked confidence in it. Now, theres nothing wrong with wearing weaves, it only becomes a problem when you fail to take care of your own hair like I did.
This was my favourite weave. The Rihanna bob with a splash of colour, burgundy red. (Sorry about the crappy pictures im searching through old uni pics)

I use to wear my weaves for months at an end and it was so terrible they started to look like toupee's. ( I am not joking, my peppercorns were all over the place) My friends and I laugh at it now, but back then I didn't care as long as my natural hair was covered I was fine. I really loved the Rihanna bob, but once my own hair started to grow out you could see my peppercorns lurking out from the sides and in hindsight it wasnt a good look. In addition to leaving my hair in for months on end, I never deep conditioned and hardly ever conditioned my hair. I'm sure you are all gasping and I am too and now you can probably see why my hair was in such dire state. I never gave my natural hair any TLC, and I indeed reap what I sowed. I never allowed my hair to rest once I had taken it out of a weave, so there was constant tension on my scalp. I oiled my scalp with what I could find.
Now I give my hair loads of TLC because I understand how it works and what it needs. I make sure I give my hair the nuturients that it needs; e.g deep conditioning, sealing my ends, proctective styling and dont leave my hair in so it starts looking like a toupee. I read hair care blogs and watch youtube so I am constantly educating myself on whats good for my hair.
So the moral of that story is love your hair and it will love you back :).

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