Sunday, March 4, 2012

Box Braids

I've got some pretty multi-talented friends, who are not only brainy but dab hands in the hair department too ooooh yeaaaah!lol. My friend Helen recently did my box braids for me and I LAAAAV them! She actually did her own hair in the early post here and has a youtube channel where she shows a step by step tutorial on how to "do your own box braids". Check it out and make sure you subscribe :). Oh and if we bother her enough maybe she will do a tutorial on yarn braids, even though she dislikes them and I can be her guinea pig (",).

The first day I wore my box braids I was totally clueless on how to style then and they just hung down my back lol. Solange came to my rescue and I tried to recreate her buns that she pulls of so well. I love my new long hair and my fingers are constantly running through them. I hope you liked them too.
Anyway, I hope the weekend was great!


  1. I have felt like it is becoming a trend, but my natural hair is here to stay!! :)

  2. Meant to post this under your post about trends... Lol!

  3. Mine too, my crown is here forever

  4. Gorgeous..and the tutorial is so easy to follow. :-)


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