Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Go-2-Style

 Ola recently ombred her ends, it looks great doesnt it!

 Lethal B- 2, 2ss you know!
 I think I was telling her something stupid here. It explains my face. lol.
 Dadddy and me!
*Dad* Let me stand in between two beautiful women!

My go-2-style isnt really my go-2-style its my everyday style. I have been so uncreative with my braids it not even funny.  This style is super easy and quick, I tye the front bit of my hair, braid the ponytail and then wrap it around itself and fasten with another hairband.
My dad and my cousin came to visit me this weekend and it was truly refreshing. Reading books day in day out and writing disserations when the sun is shining is really depressing especially when your not getting anywhere. I really love my dad he is a great man, he always knows what to say when your feeling and ALWAYS knows a good joke or says something random. Here is one of them.
We were sitting down at dinner, the table was quite  everyone was concentrating on their food and he just burst out with So, Ola have you been to Lagos? Totally random right! lol. The weather was waaandaful and the sunshine always makes people smile.
I hope you all had a good weekend.


  1. your braids are lovely; just took my braids out and was considering getting a style like yours

    Chi-Chi x

  2. awww thankyou. They arent looking so lovely at the minute :(. I cant't wait to take them down.xx


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