Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wigs for everybody?

Wigs are an amazing protective style. You can buy them or tailor them to your own hair as modelled by Tracy. It allows you to protect your strands if it's particularly cold, or you just feeling lazy, whilst still rocking a great hair style. One of the things I love most about weaves is that they still allow you to maintain your normal regime. So if you wash on a weekly basis, you can still do that all you do is whip it off and your greeted with your own tresses. 

Since I've been watching Taren916 on youtube my erge for wearing a wig is growing. After seeing Tracy with her, that she made herself my erge has grown leaps! So, yes I will be donning a wig in the near future. I am planning on using the Janet King Yaki brand,  but I am just having trouble locating a 16 inch hair piece, so if anyone knows where I can get it from I shall be eternally grateful :)
P.s Tracy's  real hair is almost BSL (Bra Strap Length).

Thanks for reading guys. I hope your all enjoying the weather I know I am.


  1. Love it! Wigs are great!
    (wig previous post: http://peacelovenhair.blogspot.com/2011/08/day-one.html)


  2. I love wigs for me I find it cheaper to purchase from overseas vendors like lacewigsfront or fridaynighthair. They've really helped me transition!

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