Friday, June 8, 2012

Curls Unleashed Organic Root Stimulator UK Launch

Last night I attended one of the of the most extraordinary events of my young adult life, The Curls Unleashed Launch party! Once again, I was warmly greeted by members of Curls Unleashed Team and were given lovely goodie bags. We were ushered into the room were there was a beauty bar with free eyelash extensions and a manicure.
I got my eyelashes done to go along with the glamness of the night.

The lovely Natalie and Nicole who taught me a thing or two about old school R 'n' B and Franking.
Pelumi, Lukwesa founder of Gidore, Fiona and Nicola
There was also a performance from Omar and towards the end of the night it turned into a full blown party with everyone dancing the night away!
In true Curls Unleashed style prizes were given away to the best dancers. Mary and Sally looked very happy with their prizes.
I had such a great evening. The atmosphere was incredibly chilled and so friendly and I met so many lovely people. I would really encourage anyone who hears about up and coming meet-ups/ events  to attend because they are so much fun and you learn so much.
 The Goodie bag

 I had such a wonderful evening and I really want to thank Lukwesa and the Curls Unleashed Team for putting together such a great event and for their hospitality. They had so much going on, and it was definitely a classy affair celebrating natural hair.
Lukwesa, the fabulous host, not only threw a great event but she is also giving other ladies who were unable to attend the opportunity to purchase any of the Curls Unleashed products for a discount price of £5! Is that generous or is that generous! It's for one week only ladies, whilst stocks last so make sure you visit the Gidore facebook page here, like the page and get buying pronto. Everyone loves a discount!

I had such a good time at the event, meeting so many new people. Once I got home I was raving about it to my mum, dad, cousins, friends even the girls at work! It was really really good.

 If you are not busy tomorrow and feel like attending a hair event Fiona and Pelumi alongside a few other bloggers will be answering questions at Curlvolution I'm sure that to will be a great event. For more info click here.

I hope you are all well. Thanks for reading.

p.s. A post on my twists is coming

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