Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Product woes

There isn't a manual for any womans natural hair journey. We are all different and we all have our own trials and tribulations, but the great thing about this blogging/youtubing community is that you can learn from the experiences of others with similar hair types in the hopes of not making those same mistakes

Coconut Oil
Last year when I first discovered Coconut Oil I was very excited. It left my hair feeling soft and well moisturized and it became my new best friend, I took it everywhere with me and used it religiously. Just recently, I've noticed that the brand of Coconut Oil that I am using doesnt have a strong smell of pure Coconut Oil which the label claims. Upon closer inspection I have noticed that the oil smells more like a concution of chemicals thrown together with a few splashes of pure Coconut Oil rather than pure Coconut Oil. With that said, I'm going to be terminating my friendship with this brand of Coconut Oil. It was really great whilst it lasted and my hair did felt mositurized. However, I  feel like I was led under false pretenses because it wasn't the real. Lol. It just makes me wonder if this is what the fake Coconut Oil did for me, I'm excited for the real deal :).
You can purchase 100% pure Coconut Oil from Holland and Barretts here, it is slightly expensive but I have seen some great reviews on it on youtube and other  blogs.

Rosemary Oil
When I first discovered the benefits of Essential Oils on natural hair I ran to the shops in search of some new products. My haste was to my own detriment as this brand of Rosemary Oil is not actually 100% pure. If you read the back, it clearly says that ' this bottle contains 100% pure Rosemary Oil blended with sweet almond oil'. If you are on the look out for pure Rosemary Oil like I was, this is not for you. You can purchase pure Rosemary Oil from Holland and Barretts too

I hope my that was helpful guys.
P.s. I'm not that upset about the termination of my friendship with the above Coconut Oil. lol

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  1. :o but that's the coconut oil that I use!!! maybe this is why my skin doesn't like it1


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