Sunday, November 9, 2014

Am I just going to live in weaves and wigs?

It's no secret I'm a big fan of wigs and weaves and all that jazz. I love playing around with different textures and styles - it's all great fun. But, here's the big but - I was thinking to myself am I just going to live in them for the rest of my life???

I'm sure you're all probably thinking "but Michelle you just wrote about wanting a change in a recent post". Yes I did write a post and I still do want a change in my hair but I had to ask myself why do I always opt for wigs and hair extensions. Like I said above, I love changing my hair's texture in appearance ad playing around with different styles - not to mention it really helps with reducing the amount of manipulation on my own natural hair.

A couple of times in the past I've played around with my natural hair here and here - it was great fun I really did like. But, I haven't kept up with it as much as my I have with my wigs. Whilst talking with a good friend of mine I managed to finally sit down and think about why I always make this choice and it all boils down to  L A Z I N E S S. 

Yup I said it! We all know that natural hair is work - if you can't commit to it don't do it. I want to commit to it and I do very much love my natural hair but I've got to make it work for me on my time table. The majority of my protective styles are chosen on the basis that they are very simple. I just wake up, get ready for the day and then plop it on and I'm out the door. The very most that I have to do is seal and remoisturize my ends every other day. 

I don't feel like there is anything wrong with saying that oh I'm too lazy to wake up an extra hour to do this with my hair or that. Sleep is precious and I cannot and will not do without my 8 hours lol

Honestly if i was to stick to flat twists and two stand twists as my protective style I'd have to spend longer on my hair. Yes I know there are other styles but these are the ones that I prefer. Not to mention, I'd have to do my hair more often e.g every 2 weeks as flat twists and two-strand twists get messier much quicker than a wig or extensions.

So let's see where does this story end - with honesty. Yup it's true I mainly choose wigs and extensions due to laziness I do not want to commit hours and hours to my hair but when possible I still want to enjoy my natural hair wearing it out as and when I can. So to answer the questions I began with, erm yup it looks like I will be living in them until my current lifestyle changes - and that doesn't look like it'll be any time soon!

So that's my major confession, anyone else in same same boat as me or am I riding solo?

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  1. Im the laziest naturalista there is. Trying to finding a balance between mixing up the protectives is work mehn! However, you can try say, a month crotcheting, next month braiding, next cornrows etc. Then in between when you have those out, try the wigs. Hope this helps!!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only lazy one out there. Constantly changing things will keep me much happier I know - thanks for the tip hun. Now I'm just trying to think about next month.xx


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