Wednesday, November 19, 2014


If there's one kitchen staple that I'm consuming the most it has to be honey. I use it in my: teas, porridge, on chicken, hair whips, deep conditions and even in my facial scrubs. Honey is a lot healthier than sugar and you only need a little bit to sweeten up any meal. I like using it on my hair and body because it always leaves me feeling ridiculously soft - like a baby's bottom.

1. H O N E Y  A S  A  H U M E C T A N T. A humectant is a substance that holds onto water molecules. If there's one golden rule that all naturals harp on about it's moisture - we need to keep our hair as moisturised as possible to prevent weak, damage and brittle hair

2. S O F T E N S  H A I R. Honey serves as a great tool to smooth down your hair follicles as it contains properties that effortlessly sleek down those tough follicles to make the hair more managebale sleeker not to mention shinier!

3. A N T I  B A C T E R I A L  P R O P E R T I E S: Keeping your hair clean and fugus free can be a difficult jobs but honey contains properties that help to form a barrier against possible infections and fungi. 

Whenever I use honey I  A L W A Y S use it with a very light hand. Too much of it, especially in my hair treatments will leave my hair feeling sticky and that's a no no. So most of the time it's just a drizzle of honey.

So that's the low down....anyone else addicted to honey :)

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