Thursday, November 13, 2014

Maame Yaa Boafo

Short, sweet web series are now my go-to sources of entertainment. I've fallen into the trap like everybody else of wanting things right this minute in the quickest form possible. An African City was  my summer jam and Maame Yaa, was/is my girl crush! 

I recently watched another online series, it was awful to say the least so I won't mention the name and I'm having to re-watch An African City to restore my confidence in online web series [you can watch it on youtube]. I absolutely love Maame Yaa's hair in the show. It's kinky and coliy and she always wears it in some crazy-cool styles.

This web series is a must-see for all my Africans in the diaspora and non Africans too [I don't discriminate] I cannot recommend it enough.
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