Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Progress pictures really let you know if you're heading in the right direction - and it's for this reason that I love them. 
Last July I blogged about my the short/ broken hair on my left side of my hair line.  From September 2014 onwards I had a game plan on how I was going to try and stimulate more growth mainly through zero tension on my hair line and massages. If I'm honest I didn't stick to my game plan 100% of the time - I did slack off on some weekends.
If there was one word to describe my hairline on my left side it would be picky. The hair along my hair line was sparse and a little on the thinning side. I'm so happy that there has been a noticeable change and my efforts have not been in vain [even if I wasn't consistent all the time]. If anything, these pictures have spurred me on even more. I want to be more dedicated in the coming months to see how much growth I can achieve!

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